Trump Raises $12M in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley: Former President Donald Trump reeled in $12 million during a fundraising swing through deep-blue Silicon Valley. The Q&A event was hosted by venture capitalist David Sacks and received heavy interest among supporters, as well as the media.

A Successful Fundraiser

The fundraiser, hosted at the home of Sacks, drew tech people as well as a healthy sampling of guests across a few different sectors. The event was Trump’s latest attempt to raise money and build the resources he will need to dole out favors in pursuit of his political goals.

Key Highlights

Fundraising Total: The event raised $12 million — a sign that as he exits the office, Trump remains a potent force who can still command resources.

Host: The event was conceived and rallied by David Sacks, a prominent venture capitalist.

Guest list: The attendees were some key tech execs, investors, and political allies.

Trump’s Speech

Speaking at the event, Trump addressed his political goals and what he has coming. He stressed the significance of strong leadership and expressed his support for recent efforts to tackle the country’s pressing issues. Many of those in attendance were supportive of Trump’s words.

Political Context

It’s an important fundraiser because Trump is very much ramping up his political campaigns. The haul highlights the large amounts he continues to raise and the continued significance in political circles of his endeavors.

Broader Implications

The event underscores the convergence between technology and politics, with Silicon Valley becoming a bigger funder and influencer of national politics. The participation of Silicon Valley titans like David Sacks has highlighted the increasing degree to which the sector is involving itself in politics.


For President Trump, a 2016 Silicon Valley fundraiser at the home of David Sacks is a distant memory as he hits the $12 million donor threshold. While impressive for the money involved it also serves as a great reminder of how important a player the tech industry is in the new-political landscape.


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